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For I have seen things you would not believe.  Spoken with Ancient Ones in the deserts of Morocco. Encouraged others to let the fairy tales that call to their hearts guide them as they journeyed deeper into themselves; further into the Star Realms, in that same supposed barren landscape.  I have surrendered to the eclipsing full moon in the dead of night frightened and alone in the strange lands of the Folk of Sweden, as She whispered of the duality inherent in all humankind. I have wept at the beauty of the world we live in when shown all we are through the eyes of Gods. I have offered my hurts to be healed by the wild sea of the Atlantic on the shores of Ireland.  I have locked myself in a pitch dark cellar because it felt important to do so.  I have been kept aloft by genuine friendships and the humour of Good People.  I have walked broken and staggering along the pilgrim routes of Spain and grinned maniacally riding too fast on an old motorbike in Germany. I have sung love songs to a cat and shared secrets with the trees.  I have laughed too loud and too long when I felt it soothe my frazzled mind.  I have offered up food and sat with a 4 day empty belly so I may hear what I must hear, see what I must see. I have sat in awe at the feet of great teachers including those that did not realise they were capable of such things.  All these and so many more have I done in my one wild and precious life held always by the Sacred Stories that only ever ask me to listen and speak of them.  Humbled am I to be given such an honour.

The Faerytale Apothecary is Elizabeth Jane Lovely who was born in the Week of the Theatre on the Day of the Worlds Stage with a Taurus Full Moon.

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Elizabeth Jane Lovely



"I love the stories and the storytelling. They are read with a soothing, healing voice and you can tell you love the stories.They seem precious to you and you offer them with such care and attention.They flow through you like waves of magic. You inspire me, uplift me and make me smile...I couldn’t be more have such a special and unique way of bringing healing through stories. It really is magical. Thank you."

Anne O

"The beauty and the magic of the stories so wonderfully read, they take you to realms you can only dream of reaching. Thank you Elizabeth."

Steven B

"The stories..... Are personal, intimate, each speaking directly to us. What incredible medicine."

Krissy E

"I've had a shit show of a day and this is my medicine!"
Valerie B

"Magic is woven into these mesmerising Faerytales, Every word is beautifully spoken. If you carefully, really listen, you are drawn into the magical visions and find yourself within the faerytale.
Fabulous, fabulous working magic!"

"You were recommended by a friend of mine and I was so nervous as I was not sure what to expect, but I needn’t have been, you were so welcoming and put me at my ease instantly."

Corina B

"I just wanted to let you know how very much I have been enjoying the stories by subscription. How I look forwards to them and listen to them in a little ritual before I sleep, they are so very special and healing and create such a needed sacred atmosphere. Each one feels right for the time it's heard. So thank you so much for them :)"

Laura D

"I wait for the stories with great anticipation because right from the very first one I feel they are so very personal to me, like they are only meant for me, from past struggles to guiding me where to go to next in my adventure, the story telling is fantastic, you can see yourself in the story, sometimes as the main person and sometimes as a bystander as it plays along, sights sounds smells the whole package.

I am more then happy to subscribe and donate every month as these stories have been of such comfort to myself.  Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing Elizabeth. Much love and light"

Saoirse L

"The Faerytale Apothecary transports you into a world of magic and wonder. Elizabeth's story telling is amazing and she will guide you through a world of ancient spirits, some horror (for wonderland is not always light and needs its dark places, ancient witches and nightmares) and sheer marvel. You might walk out of a boneyard covered in ash after literally meeting a titan from the ancient world. Thats what happened to me."

Paolo S

"Looking for a remedy to a good night’s sleep? Follow your heart & inner child & revel in the wonders of The Faerytale Apothecary."

Leon W

"The Faerytale Apothecary website is one of the most delicate and beautiful I have seen in a long time with a gentle caressing energy.  The stories are unique downloaded from higher realms which I thoroughly enjoy by making the time for myself to sit alone and allow the stories to dance around me, waking up my emotions and at times they resonate and transport me away.  I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for her hard work in bringing the stories and for the light the stories bring each week.  I cheekily adapt one of the sentences from her story The Nightingale and the Fox 'Her song (or stories) bring much joy and delight'  I wait with excitement and apprehension as to what my bespoke Sacred Story will bring."

Elizabeth B

"I love your down to earth attitude."


" and your stories are indeed good medicine..."

Sara H

"I had the pleasure of attending a course alongside Elizabeth. She has a bold heart and dares it to you. Disarming and enchanting!"

Rebecca L

"She somehow manages to lift the ordinary to the level of the extraordinary."

James M

"I don't think you realise how much you have changed my life."


"Wow - amazing experience!  Really loved the journeying and what came up.  Elizabeth handled the process with respect and authenticity and the result has been a really creative and inspiring experience."

Simon T

"The way Elizabeth works just made sense to me.  I felt like she really cared about my problems and tailored everything specifically to my needs.  Thank you Elizabeth."


"I needed to let things go and was not sure how but you have helped me look forward.  The change in me is noticed by all my family.  Thank you so much."

Anne L

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