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Elizabeth Jane Lovely
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"A natural imaginarian, (she) opened (her) mouth and out poured forth the most bizarre and marvellous notions I had ever heard."

...a clarion cry stirs the air as her entrance is announced...who is this creature that lurks in the shadows; enticing with dreams of majick, of wishes granted and a helping hand given, she intrigues so with her lures to enter her realm...veils between lands are allowed to fall but only for a short time, blink and her circus has disappeared...she is an Imaginarian guiding you to turn dreams and fantasy into reality, sprinkling wonder and joy along the way...

Like an old skool Woolworth's (think the Pound Shop but pricier) Pick 'N' Mix, so far my wanderings have led me to explore and attain the following to throw in the Carpet Bag of Majicks and Mischief - Dreamwalking (Toko-Pa Turner : Pip Bondy); Art Therapy (City of Bath College); Dramatherapy (Scenario Arts); Storytelling (Sarah Mooney : Deborah-Antoinette : Jo Blake Cave); Ceremony and Ritual (Brooke Medicine Eagle : Annie Spencer : Daniel Foor); Ritual Art (John Harrigan : Henry McGrath); BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing (Saint Martins School of Art); MA Philosophy of Mind (University of Southampton); Reiki Master Practitioner (Create Harmony); Diplomas in Herbalism + Meditation (SNHS); Shamanic Counselling + Spirit Dance + Sacred Stories + Sacred Ceremony + ongoing mentorship (Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies); Seidr (Shenoah Taylor ; Katie Gerard); Core Shamanism (Shamanic Willow : Wild Bear Shamanism : Foundation for Shamanic Studies); Kulning (Akervinda); Sacred Art (Imelda Almqvist : Alixa Garcia); Way of Council (Pip Bondy); Circle Facilitation (Under the Rowan Tree).

My pilgrimage of The Camino Finisterre (or what became known as The Way of the Witch) following the stars to the end of the world continues to weave me into a new way of being as does a completed 33 hour Total Darkness Vigil alongside a Vision Quest in Dartmoor's Wild Woods, a move to Rutland - a county that doesn't always exist - and beginning a PhD in all things story.

Responsible for the following- The Beardsy Project; An Elemental Cycle of Life and Death in Four Acts; The Treasure Chest of the Treasured and the Cherished; Bestival 2014 Opening Ceremony; A Summer Faerytale; Faerytrales; The Night of Myths; Evening of Joy; A library filled with books exploding into life; St Boniface Well Parade; From The East; Blue Moon Revue; A Coach House into a Regency Ballroom; COntent for Isle of Wight Music Festival, The Healing Festival, Isle of Arts & Ventnor Fringe; Fire and Ice; Enchanted Garden Myth Reimaginings; Mr Bob Mills & Mr Bob Boon; World Book Night; Salisbury Gardens Project; The Spiral Lair of the Alchemical King; Creepy House to hunt; Ninja Yarn Bombings of statues and lamposts; One-off creations for photoshoots; The Treasure Chest of the Treasured and the Cherished.

I also appear to be quite good at finding lost engagement rings and false teeth!

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