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"...Whenever a fairy tale is told, it becomes night.  No matter where the dwelling, no matter the time, no matter the season, the telling of tales causes a starry sky and a white moon to creep from the eaves and hover over the heads of the listeners. Sometimes, by the end of the tale, the chamber is filled with daybreak, other times a star shard is left behind, sometimes a ragged thread of storm sky.  And whatever is left behind is the bounty to work with, to use toward the soul-making..."

At the Gates of the City of the Storyteller God - *Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Increasingly our world demands more and more of us, not just our time but our essence, the core of who we are. What if there was another way to be? What if there was a remedy, a tincture of stories that could encourage us to take just a moment back, to close our eyes and remember when we sensed what was around us with awe and wonder, when we could smell and taste the magicks in the air. And what if in this stoppedness, this holding we were also able to hear the whisperings, the longings of our hearts? What then?

The Faerytale Apothecary transports you into a world of magic and wonder. Elizabeth's story telling is amazing and she will guide you through a world of ancient spirits, some horror (for wonderland is not always light and needs its dark places, ancient witches and nightmares) and sheer marvel. You might walk out of a boneyard covered in ash after literally meeting a titan from the ancient world. Thats what happened to me.

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The Faerytale Apothecary is a place of Soul-Speaking, an invitation to respond to the 'what ifs' we have perhaps ignored for a little too long.

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