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book-illustration fairytale couple story medicine elizabeth-jane-lovely
thread used to stitch together two body surfaces

An ever shifting landscape of old and new tales weaving around each other, always kept close by a supportive visualisation to hold you in a deeper emergence with the medicines of a particular mythic map.

For these times, they are being offered on a donational basis with love.


A beautifully woven and intoxicating retelling of a traditional folk tale so richly embedded in the shorelines of the British Isles and other Lands the North Atlantic Ocean has swept it's way into the heart of.
It is accompanied by a gentle yet powerful journey into the depths to retrieve a soul skin once thought irrevocably lost.
The spoken words are held tenderly by the delicate sounds of Vicki Burke on harp.

When joining the journey for the Soul Skin of the Deep, please make sure not to be distracted, driving, operating machinery or any such thing as that, try to give it your full attention, make sure you will not be disturbed in anyway and give yourself space afterwards to let the work land and intergrate within you.  Have a glass of water to hand and somewhere to make notes of what comes up for you.  Shamanic work of this kind can seem on the surface to be light and easy but can bring about shifts over time so it is important to go gently with yourself in the time afterwards.

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