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Story as Ceremony


How does it differ from acting?

How is it not about an attentive audience, not about approval, recognition, not of the ego, or flattery with riotous applause?

How is it not about entertainment, or filling hours with idle leisure?

How is it not about being perfect, or right, or a flawless performance with no mistakes?

It’s about honesty, truth.

It’s about being a Good vehicle for Spirit.

It’s about that deep communion and how our human speech, our human words can convey what the Unseen, Other Beings, Realms want us to know.

It is about the very Soul of us.

It’s about being Witness and being Witnessed.

How are we held by the Spirit of Story?

And so we just ask the simple question...

What do we as humans have to know at this time?

What do we in our community need?

Not what we want to hear, not what is comfortable to be with, but what will soothe our hearts in the forgotten places.

What will lift us in the Beauty of their words?

What will join us in tribes and clans?

What will make us ask what we can do for the creatures, the beings that we share this land with?

How are we the best version of ourselves?

How are we in communication with our world?

How are we in all our flaws joyous, celebrating life but also where are we weeping?

Where are we in our distrust, in our despair?

What is like an arrow to our chest?

How are we all of these things and still breathing?

How are we receiving the medicine?

This is what it is to be in ceremony with story -speaking.

Held by the Great Spirit of All That Is.

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