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Somehow Place

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There is a sound, very much like a human voice that is not quite humming, not quite singing, not quite whistling, not quite growling, not quite howling, not quite moaning, not quite groaning, not quite screaming, not quite keening. It is somehow a curious and strange mixture all itself. The sound which is not quite, yet at the same time exactly that, seems in this somehow place to be happy. No, my apologies, it is sad. No, it is joyful. I have it wrong again, it is grief-stricken. Or maybe it is in love. Or is it in fear. In this somehow place, it is managing to be all the feelings and none of the feelings.

The sound has a body attached that guessed! Clever you! It is neither old nor young. Not male but not female. Not crumpled, not serene. Yet it is all these things too. Is it really there? Or are we just imagining it?

Close your eyes.

Now, this very moment.

Open your ears up far and wide.

Can you hear it?

This sound that is everything and nothing, the not-quite and the definitely-maybe.

And when your eyelids rise once more, do you see it? This strange and wonderful being?

Or is it only on the inside of you that it exists?

What if you moved a little closer? Don't be shy. Though there is no telling if it may bite. Perhaps within those curious and strange sounds that are somehow also incredibly familiar there is a whispering that is exclusively and completely just for you. Is there? But only hold your air slightly as you strain to hear, do not forget to breath! I somehow fancy it wants us to follow it. To lead us somewhere on what might just be a truly wonderful adventure all of our very own. I wonder if we dare?

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