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Queen Cobra and Boy

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Once there was a Cobra, a Queen Cobra at that, and she didn’t have a sting in her tail like some of the snakes that rattled, she had magicks.

There at the wiggle of her touch whenever she chose to make use of it.

These magicks were not to everybodies tastes, yet were also coveted greedily by some and her fangs still held poison - the royalty of all poisons to those who got too close, to those that might try to steal the magicks in her tail.

Of course, this was a particular day when she choose to use the magicks at the tip of her tail, did not need to bare her fangs in defence or defiance, did not need to warn any not to get too close.

For she had taken a liking, a certain fondness for Boy who she saw curled up at the base of Old Tree that she herself was perched up high in.

He was hugging himself tightly, trying not to let anyone see that he was crying, sobbing with grief for Grandmother who had died.

Boy was of course very very sad.

Queen Cobra looked down on him and she took pity, not an altogether rare occurrence but not one that happen often granted. On this day she knew that with just once touch of the tip of her tail she could make everything alright for Boy.

Not that she was too keen on interfering in the lives of humans but there was something about Boy, who he may yet become that prompted her to action.

So just for once, she chose to act with a shimmy of her long tail, slowly reaching down to where Boy sat, quiet and unobtrusivewas she, as though just a branch of the tree stretching itself in the morning sun.

An image, flickering at first but growing more steady with each breath began to emerge that only Boy and she, Queen Cobra, could see.

There on the surface of the tree stood the form of Eternal Grandmother, and on seeing her Grandson so sad hugged him in his sorrow and said:

“Hush, hush, little one.

It’s alright,

I haven’t left you,

I’ve simply transformed into something else is all.

Any where you choose to look,

anywhere your gaze lights upon from this moment on,

take a deep breath and remember how I speak to you now,

that I will speak to you again,

in the blade of grass,

in the petal of a flower,

in the light summer breeze,

and the thick heavy snows of winter.

There I am always about you,

with you.

Even in your tears.

Especially in your tears.

Probably this is where I am the most.

Do not forget that you are never alone.

I watch you with love and pride,

for I know the great man you will come to be,

the tender loving boy you are now.”

These words Grandmother gifted Boy, along with the sense of her kiss placed gently against his cheek, as the magicks of Queen Cobra’s tail faded, Boy's tears slowed to a calm trickle.

And his heart, his heart so bruised and vulnerable and laid bare surprised him with a smile.

For he had the bestest Grandmother in the whole wide world! She was in everything and everywhere!

Always with him, always encouraging, always happy.

It was wonderful to have a Grandmother such as she!

Queen Cobra gently pulled the tip of her tail away from the top of Boy’s head and stayed silently curled, wrapped herself once more around Old Tree, never revealing her presence at all.

Glad to have done a good thing.

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