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A Wild Tea of Healed Hearts

Our first Tea Trail of 2024 is conjured into being by the remarkable Shamanic Medicine Woman Carina Johansson. She follows the path of the Völva and lives in the forest of Söderåsen in the south of Sweden where she teaches Shamanism and Seidr.

I first met Carina when I traveled to Sweden many years ago for a training in Shamanic Counselling with SCSS. Despite the deep insights that came through being partnered with her for the work, it is perhaps the laughter and unconditional friendship that I remember most from those times.

If you wish to know more about Carina and the individual client work and courses she is offering, please contact her by email:

Press play to join us in the undeniable magic of a healed heart.

The Faerytale Apothecary's Wild Hearts Sipping Cups of Tea is an experimental affair seeking to follow the Medicine Trails left by Words from Specially Appearing Stories. The recordings will often times be messy unedited affairs that aim to include all the languages from all the peoples (regardless of species or corporeality) into the conversations. There will be no written transcripts, simply an offer to sit a while, listen and see where you might be taken, prompted, curiosly led to. Other humans will be invited to gather our good weather gear for the trip from time to time. Our starting point may sometimes shift in location but home will always be with That Which Dwells Beyond The Gap In The Old Stone Wall - the creative space for my ongoing Doctoral Research. Research which will no doubt pop in on occasion too. Individual Words will be our doors to inner (and perhaps sometimes outer) landscapes. There will be Spontaneous Stories making Guest Appearances. We will explore what it may mean to be Touched by a Story. We will welcome Ordinary Story Speakings. We will Gather Glitterings in our Baskets as we make our way. All served up about once during a month with a drop of tea crafted by a Wild Heart or two. Would you like to lay down a Medicine Trail with us? Please do get in touch if something is rumbling in you, bursting to be let out.

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