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Once upon a time, many many years - centuries even ago, my female ancestor would retreat, with the moon, into the dark.  Crawling deep into the cave marked out just for her and her kind. There she would be left undisturbed, not a word spoken until she once more climbed out again.  Then all would gather about her, hushed and expectant as she lay before them the guidance she had received for the lunation ahead of them.  How had she come to these conclusions?  Through communing with her blood.  By squatting, sometimes direct on the earth, sometimes on ceremonial cloth and letting it drip from her cunning directly down.  By what little light she had carried in with her, she would then read the blood, sing it's omens and portents into the world for her to carry back to her community.  Occasionally she would mark the cave before she left, painting what needed to be passed down to future generations, to stay in place for a lunation longer than the mere month she is currently there for.

We forgot.

My Female Ancestor's whispers get louder and louder.

Remember to Remember.


Here I offer up my modern take on their ancient practice.  Sometimes they will be the original recording, directly as I experience the teachings my blood has offered up, sometimes they will be polished slightly, or spiralled deeper into.  My blood has it's own flow after all!  I feel my way into this, it has taken me quite a few years to find my own courage to speak out about working in this way but the ancestors grow impatient, are not interested in just hanging around eating cake and watching tv shows. And as my waist thickens and my whiskers sprout, I realise there are maybe few left and they become precious, not wanting to be wasted.

Here they be.

Copyright © 2021 by Elizabeth Jane Lovely. All Rights Reserved. Not for distribution or reproduction.

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There is no right or wrong way to work with the Oracle Tales.  Simply let them wash over you, into you, move with you, breath around you, maybe come back to them over the moon cycle. Give them space to inspire and inform however this may look for you in your everyday being.

The intention is for there to be a new oracle tale with each new moon, but the beauty of working with Mystery Traditions is there is never any way to know for sure!


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