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Sunday 21st March 2021
Journeying deep into the oceans of folklore and story with a tale of hope held in betrayal and not being able to speak our hearts truths. An intimate online circle of storytelling for men only, offered by a female ceremonialist. We will hold a candle of remembrance for the people within and without that we have betrayed and, as we drop into the layers of the story, seek out the spaces of reconciliation. Small in number, held by however the story wishes to speak to us as a group in that moment, for it is never the same words of truth for every one or every time.
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Occasionally of a Sunday evening around about 9pm UK time

We gather in the Story Cave to be led around the world by the hand, toe and hair on the chinny chin chin - wherever these folk and fairy tales can grab  to take us away.

Join our curious Gang of Grimmsters here

But beware - even sausages are framed for forgery in these stories!


Readings of various myths, folk and fairy tales, original stories plus audio versions of my blog can also be found on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.

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