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district nurse
a healing practitioner out in the community

How I wish right now I was typing lots of wonderful listings of upcoming in the flesh, close and personal happenings...sadly, it is not to be as Doctoral Research fills me to the brim and physicality only spills into the academic arena at the moment.  Do sign up for the monthly(ish) musings that share a story or two and other droplets of news, including any in-person work. You might do so here, or below.

For me, storytelling is not performative.  There is no 'audience' and I am not there as 'entertainer'.  More I think of us as joining together like co-conspirators, collectively calling a story to our aid.  When I was conjuring images for how to describe what in-person story ceremonies feel like for me, I had the delicious sense of a Victorian Seance, there we all sit, huddled close around a table in the dark, our fingertips touching as we beseech the Unseen Realms to teach us, show us, bring us messages in whatever form is for our best right now.  For this is the thing about working with story, some are fixed in place never to be diverted from their path, though still landing in the heart of us in very different ways.  However sweetened the pill may be, their medicine always always gets to where it is most of use. Other stories, well, they work in a very different way, they shift and change, stalk and track us, most definitely stray from the path and take us where we did not expect to go at all but absolutely needed to find ourselves.  But it is not always mysterious and unknowable, I work too, in joining communities together in new ways, helping others to find the stories that are hidden and entwined about them and the land they call home. Or invite you to sit, simply, with no agenda other than to share of the story that sits in the centre of our circle.

I really do hope to meet you on a Faerytale Trail somewhere at some point.


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