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brimstone & treacle
a medicinal tonic

Personalised and intimate, private and held, a Friendship of Fairytales is a one-to-one session currently taking place via Zoom or Skype where we dive together to find your Story Medicine.  Navigating pathways of old myths, wondrous tales and new stories waiting to be conjured, together we track and gather what is speaking up to offer guidance and support for you at this time.  I draw on my shamanic counselling, art & drama therapy, dream-walking, ceremonial, way of council and of course storytelling training so I may act as Sacred Witness for your Way.  The amount and length of the sessions are tailored to your individual needs.  Sometimes you may journey out to seek the stories and at others I will act as carrier on your behalf.  With long established and proven ingredients we weave together a nourishing recipe of your very own.  The Story Medicine Sessions are offered on a pay-what-you-can basis at this time.  Do get in touch if you are interested in conversing further about it.

I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE...these sessions are now being offered for Fledgling Tellers to support them in connecting with the stories that wish to be spoken by them at this time and as a Waymarker to other teachings and humans that can guide first flights.
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